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Burn Scars and Traumatic Scars

In the past doctors have recommended waiting one year before starting to treat a new scar. Today, surgeons have learned to appreciate that the surgical mantra of waiting for a year to allow a scar to “mature” before intervening is no longer recommended, as this approach will lead to suboptimal results. Early laser intervention has been shown to be the gold standard for scar management.

Dr. Friedman tailors three different cutting edge laser systems to the individual scar.

Generally patients undergo 2-4 treatment sessions with one treatment every 2 months. Dr. Friedman treats the following scars:





Traumatic Scars and Surgical Scars

Even the best of facelifts, body surgery to remove excess skin, skin cancer or mole removal can result in a scar. It is best not to “wait” for the scar to magically disappear but in order to obtain the best aesthetic outcome, to start treatment as soon as possible.

Treatments are usually performed with a Pulse Dye Laser as well as Fractionated CO2 or Fractionated Pico lasers and are performed every two months until the degree of improvement is achieved.

Burn Scars

Burn scars can not only be aesthetically disfiguring but can be associated with itching, pain and range of movement limitation. Lasers have become the mainstay in treating burn scars. Laser treatments are performed with the Pulse Dye laser as well as the Fractionated CO2.

How Do I Get Started?

Dr. Friedman and his staff will be happy to discuss our treatments for all concerns regarding your skin. Please feel free to call for a private consultation at one of our offices in Jerusalem or Tel Aviv. Dr. Friedman and his staff provide personalized care to residents of the Jerusalem and Tel Aviv areas with state-of-the-art technology for optimal health, aesthetics and patient satisfaction. To receive more information or schedule a consultation, please feel free to call 02 563 5673 or 03 612 2322 to speak with our friendly staff.