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Leg Veins

Am I a good candidate for laser leg vein removal?

If your leg veins are thick and are raised above the skin or if your legs swell or ache at the end of the day or if you have failed sclerotherapy injections in the past, you might have incompetent deep veins which should be evaluated with a Doppler Ultrasound exam.

If the Ultrasound exam reveals a problem with a deep vein, it is best to first treat these veins with a procedure called EVLT or with Foam Sclerotherapy before treating the cosmetic superficial veins.

If the Ultrasound exam reveals that there is no problem with your deep veins and you do not want to undergo sclerotherapy, then the Yag laser might be an excellent option for the cosmetic superficial veins.

How many treatments does it normally take?

Most patients undergo 3 treatments with waiting 2-3 months in between treatment sessions.